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Busy, busy.

Just thought I’d share because we should all be supporting free speech, freedom of the press, and whistleblowers and watchdog groups who are often the only ones exposing cruelty to animals, exposing unsafe practices, and keeping Corporate America and our government accountable.

I’m about to give you ways to help me do just that!

You might know that I’m a plaintiff in two lawsuits to keep America free. Continue reading


FBI Admits: Hate Crime Tracking Sucks

Hauff Gay Bashed

Alright, those are my words. They didn’t say “sucks” but trust me and my personal experience working with survivors of hate-based discrimination and violence and how tracking these personal and vicious crimes go:

It Sucks.

My mother always hated it when I said something “sucked.” But when something is done so poorly that one might say it’s really awful … a stronger word can better express the reality of said situation. I think “sucks” is appropriate here.

Hate crime tracking does suck.

[Sorry, Mom … but it does.]

This week I’m going to share some aspects about being gay bashed that I haven’t shared on the site before. Continue reading