FBI Admits: Hate Crime Tracking Sucks

Hauff Gay Bashed

Alright, those are my words. They didn’t say “sucks” but trust me and my personal experience working with survivors of hate-based discrimination and violence and how tracking these personal and vicious crimes go:

It Sucks.

My mother always hated it when I said something “sucked.” But when something is done so poorly that one might say it’s really awful … a stronger word can better express the reality of said situation. I think “sucks” is appropriate here.

Hate crime tracking does suck.

[Sorry, Mom … but it does.]

This week I’m going to share some aspects about being gay bashed that I haven’t shared on the site before. Continue reading


Give a … [Doody]? Educate!


Institute for Humane Education President Zoe Weil: Exposing Hearts, Shaping Minds, and Focusing Efforts.

Institute for Humane Education President Zoe Weil: Exposing Hearts, Shaping Minds, and Focusing Efforts.

It doesn’t require changing fields or jobs or moving or doing anything to completely uproot your life.

You can from where you are now.

Friend and colleague in advocacy Zoe Weil from the Institute for Humane Education gave a TEDx talk entitled, “The World Becomes What You Teach.” Zoe is a mover and a shaker. She doesn’t sit back and wait for things to change – she changes things.

Through our youth.

And she encourages you to do this same. Continue reading

Unfortunately, death isn’t optional.

Originally posted on The OutJustice Foundation:
OutJustice has teamed up with healthcare ethics specialists to help you understand and answer those difficult end-of-life questions that will ultimately require timely – and sometimes urgent – decision-making on the part of your loved…

In Chicagoland? Announcing Sunday Night Sessions

If you are in the Chicago area and care about justice and equality for the LGBTQIA community, please consider joining us at the OutJustice offices on Sunday nights (or a Sunday now and then!). We network, work on projects both big and small, and we build our support for survivors of violence and discrimination both here and nationally. You are invited and we need you.


The OutJustice Foundation

On Sunday evenings, OutJustice is the place to be. 

If you are in the Chicago area and would like to get more involved with OutJustice, we’re making it even easier.

Sunday evenings from 7 PM until 9 PM we meet at our West side offices (near N. Western and W. Belmont).

You’re invited!

The topics and themes vary from week to week. Sometimes we merely want to get to know each other a little better. To learn what we will be doing and discussing on a particular evening, contact Daniel at 312-650-9210.

Many of our initial evenings will include a brief orientation on OutJustice: our programming, volunteer opportunities, and other ways to support our work advocating visibility and integrity for the LGBTQIA community in the face of injustice.

Discrimination and violence toward our community have a long history. We must band together and let those who use hateful words…

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Russia, Hate, Violence, Shame

'A gay rights supporter is beaten to the ground' in Russia. Credit: Olga Maltseva, Getty Images via Buzzfeed.

‘A gay rights supporter is beaten to the ground’ in Russia. Credit: Olga Maltseva, Getty Images via Buzzfeed.

Yes, I had some things to say about Russia’s leadership. OutJustice is my outlet for that type of commentary.

Russia has a law criminalizing “propaganda” that shows LGBTQIA persons in a positive light. Anyone who participates in “gayness,” or says it’s pretty OK in some way (so to speak) is to be shut down. Violence? Sure, why not. Go ahead.

Two women holding hands = crime.

Waiving a rainbow flag = crime.

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Help a Victim of Violence Today


Three men gay bashed Daniel Hauff on January 10, 2010 after he stepped in to assist their first victim. He then became the target of their hate. All three men were acquitted of their crime.

Help Spread Compassion and OutJustice’s Anti-Violence Programming by sharing the social networking tools currently in use. Our mission is to advocate visibility and integrity for the LGBTQIA Community in the face of injustice.

The organization formed to assist me after I was gay bashed in 2010. We could use your support. Thank you.