Current Projects Summary

Undercover Investigations

An area of my work that I feel very passionately about. I consult / advise numerous organizations as well as provide holistic care for undercover investigators working to expose various injustices as well as hold criminals (including corporations) accountable. My clientele is confidential. If you’d like to schedule a consultation, I look forward to expanding, redefining, and/or improving your efforts.

Humane Agent, Animal Shelter

& Rescue Group Consultations

Sharing best practices in strategy, development both with donors and organizationally, and media / public relations. Build better relationships with your local community; local, state, and federal authorities; the media; your donor base; and make the greatest impact to serve your mission and purpose. Use the Contact form to schedule a consultation.


OutJustice advocates visibility and integrity for the LGBTQIA Community in the face of injustice.

OutJustice advocates visibility and integrity for the LGBTQIA Community in the face of injustice.

Presently I proudly serve as OutJustice‘s Executive Director.

OutJustice formed to support me, actually, after three jackasses (nothing against male donkeys!) gay bashed me when I tried to assist a gay male already being gay bashed on January 10, 2010. Long story short, the three were acquitted, but their families and friends will always know the truth – they are homophobic idiots and we as a community didn’t let them get away with it. Their bigotry and violence is well documented and will never go away.

After leaving Mercy For Animals in early 2012 I discussed OutJustice’s future and offered my assistance. With barely a public presence we have been busy assisting our community.


DHAPR Group is a selective public relations company with ethics driving its client selection process. Clients and/or products and services provided by our clients must be cruelty-free or moving in that direction. We are happy to assist you in your journey toward a compassionate practice in your personal and business life.

A few highlights:

  • Specialize in Direct and Lifestyle Marketing creating demand for the brand.
  • Creative Design, Event Planning and Implementation.
  • Marketing Analysis and Plans.
  • Identity Building and Growing Business(es).
  • Strategic Planning
  • Media Releases, roll-out, news conferences, interview training (we can also interview on your behalf), exclusive pitches, reputation management and improvement.
  • Training and retreats for non-profit and for-profit staff, executives, and boards.
  • A no-nonsense approach you won’t get elsewhere delivered with humor, care, consistency, and professionally.

Not entirely public, presently. But here’s a snippet. To speak with a DHAPR Group representative in consideration for our services or to learn more about what we can do for you, contact us through my website.

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