Republican Policy: Kill Tens of Thousands of Americans

Jim Morin cartoon published in the Miami Herald makes a major point that irritates me greatly about the anti-universal health care stance of far too many (I'm certain all with their own health care coverage) people.

Jim Morin’s cartoon, as published in the Miami Herald, makes a major point – one that irritates me greatly about the anti-universal health care stance of far too many people in the U.S. I’m fairly certain those with this view all have their own health care coverage and probably haven’t been without it … yet. Note the “yet.”

I’ve got some points to make for all of those out there who are anti-universal health care.

If you are against universal health care,

you are pro-DEATH.

It’s true.

Point Number One:


10K Lux. 4,145 Mornings (Give or Take for Leap Years)


Reeve and I with my really cool alarm clock shining like the morning sun on us even though it was dark “as all get-out” outside. Thanks to “What’s Up, Doc?” for the gift. Love it!

Good Thursday to Ya’.

Reeve, my partner, dislikes mornings and prefers to make the rest of us do the morning routine, that is … the “barn chores.”

This is the case even though I wake him with 10,000 lux of good, vitamin D-production-helping, filtered “sunshine” – artificially-produced from my alarm clock. Ten minutes later the [admittedly very fake sounding] birds begin to chirp.

And then today’s musical selection about five minutes after that was Ellie Gouldings‘ 2013 album, Halcyon.

But still, even with that and all of the cuddling and warm welcome into a bright new HAPPY DAY, came the whining. Continue reading

Russian Olympics: Brown Water, Homophobes, Dog Killing

OK, well ... Here's to seeing the funny side of things for sure!

OK, well … Here’s to seeing the funny side of things for sure!

Hate Homos? Go to Sochi.

Hate Dogs? Go to Sochi.

Hate People Generally? Go to Sochi.

Could the Russian government give us more reasons to boycott the Russian-based Olympics? I’ve never been more certain on not having any interest in watching the Olympics or avoiding companies supporting the Sochi-based events as I am right now. Continue reading

This Sunday’s Meet & Greet is Buried in Frozen Snow!

Pesky snow and ice!

The OutJustice Foundation

Hello All,

We’re sorry to cancel this Sunday’s Meet & Greet; however the OutJustice entryway is buried in frozen snow.

But please help us right now anyway! We need YOU!

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Help Save Equality on the Internet: Al, Stuart, and Uncle Sam


Do you know who Al Franken is? Do you know what “net neutrality” means?

Whether you answered yes or no, read on Good People:

Al Franken is a senator for the great state of Minnesota. Net Neutrality is something he’s fighting for and you should be, too. Continue reading

Dumb Kids? State Policy Report Card

unnamedStudents First sent an email to their contact list. It contains important resources and indeed explains a concern for massive improvement to the U.S. educational system: Continue reading

“Natural? Then I’ll BUY IT!” AKA, “Are you a CHUMP?”

2014. "Chump," Accessed February 6, 2014.

2014. “Chump,” Accessed February 6, 2014.

Is it natural?

  • Is it?
  • Are you?
  • Am I?

Hmmm …



No, seriously. Learn what labels mean; otherwise, you’re sorta’ a chump.