10K Lux. 4,145 Mornings (Give or Take for Leap Years)


Reeve and I with my really cool alarm clock shining like the morning sun on us even though it was dark “as all get-out” outside. Thanks to “What’s Up, Doc?” for the gift. Love it!

Good Thursday to Ya’.

Reeve, my partner, dislikes mornings and prefers to make the rest of us do the morning routine, that is … the “barn chores.”

This is the case even though I wake him with 10,000 lux of good, vitamin D-production-helping, filtered “sunshine” – artificially-produced from my alarm clock. Ten minutes later the [admittedly very fake sounding] birds begin to chirp.

And then today’s musical selection about five minutes after that was Ellie Gouldings‘ 2013 album, Halcyon.

But still, even with that and all of the cuddling and warm welcome into a bright new HAPPY DAY, came the whining. Continue reading

This Sunday’s Meet & Greet is Buried in Frozen Snow!

Pesky snow and ice!

The OutJustice Foundation

Hello All,

We’re sorry to cancel this Sunday’s Meet & Greet; however the OutJustice entryway is buried in frozen snow.

But please help us right now anyway! We need YOU!

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Nothing Against Dogs, But …

Rocco too busy eating to get off of the chair he was in. Silly pooch. This was at the start of renovating the office space.

Rocco too busy eating to get off of the chair he was in. Silly pooch. This was at the start of renovating the office space. He’s not entirely black as the dog I have nothing against, but …

Question: Do you know anyone with depression?

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We’ll Drink to That! Starbucks Stands OUT for equality.

Anyone want to join me for a cup of coffee at Starbucks?

The OutJustice Foundation

Thank you, Starbucks, for standing up for marriage equality. And for doing so consistently.

Corporate leaders often balk when faced with controversy. At OutJustice our team has worked on a wide array of social justice issues. Our leadership brings a lot to the professional advocacy table, including extensive experience taking on tough topics and “uphill battles.”

We welcome a challenge.

Of course, we know that many politicians lie, often prosecutors make deals that mean even less “justice” than what the law provides, human resources departments can be shady, and politics is usually what rules the roost no matter where that “roost” sits.

Politics is everywhere; but, sometimes we are surprised in a good way. This week we are pleased with Starbucks.

Starbucks is a company with quite a bit of power. The company stood by equality in the past.

It’s commendable. It’s brave.

It’s the right thing to…

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BREAKING NEWS: Marriage Equality Passes in Illinois!

Thanks to everyone in Illinois who stood up for marriage equality. It’s been a long time coming. Let’s see this bill signed into law and put into action. Three Cheers for Illinois!

The OutJustice Foundation

Today the Illinois House of Representatives voted 61 to 54 to pass the Religious Freedom and Marriage Fairness Act.  This will make, once the governor signs the bill, the fifteenth state to provide marriage equality to its citizens. The District of Columbia also affords its citizens the rights and responsibilities previously denied anyone other than the heterosexual majority.

The Human Rights Campaign explains, “This was the most critical step needed before the governor can sign [marriage equality] into law. Soon, the Land of Lincoln will be the fifteenth state, plus the District of Columbia, where all loving and committed couples can marry.

Hooray for Illinois! Let’s get this document signed and equality into practice!

HRC notes that “[a] majority of representatives stood on the right side of history and voted for the marriage equality bill” and asks that we send a message of thanks to Rep. Greg Harris and…

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Priv-A-See: No, It’s Not a Pee


Locked door. That’s right: LOCKED!

Dear All:

On behalf of virtually everyone in our society let me say: Seriously?!

It’s true. After eleven years with my partner I still want some privacy. Reeve: I have no desire to share my “#2s” with “yous.”

That’s indeed why the door gets locked.
I hear him approach. He says something to me that I cannot make out that is probably one of those questions he already knows the answer to but annoyingly asks anyway (a misguided need for continual conversation? Do others suffer this at home?) … and immediately grabs the handle and TRIES TO ENTER!

???!!!??? WTF(rigg?!) ???!!!???
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