New investigations client. Raw Emotion. Hate. Love. Help.


Busy, busy.

Just thought I’d share because we should all be supporting free speech, freedom of the press, and whistleblowers and watchdog groups who are often the only ones exposing cruelty to animals, exposing unsafe practices, and keeping Corporate America and our government accountable.

I’m about to give you ways to help me do just that!

You might know that I’m a plaintiff in two lawsuits to keep America free. Or, to fight to get it closer to what it’s supposed to be, actually. We are suing the governors and attorney generals (or is that attorneys general?) of Utah and Idaho for targeting animal advocates with unconstitutional laws in order to hide how animals are treated before they reach our plates and store shelves.

That's me being punched in my already bloody face on the Argyle Red Line train platform in Chicago.

That’s me being punched in my already bloody face on the Argyle Red Line train platform in Chicago.

I’m proud to continue my work exposing animal abuse and very proud of The OutJustice Foundation‘s Board of Directors for voting to be more inclusive in our mission, adding cruelty to animals to the critical and life-changing work that we do. The OutJustice Foundation, a national non-profit organization headquartered in Chicago, developed from the ideas of a group called “Out for Justice” which formed to support me after I was gay bashed on January 10, 2010. The three attackers were later acquitted in our frustratingly unjust criminal legal system.

So, I took action. And then I took more action. And I’m taking even more action now!

Over the next month I am opening up about what it was like being physically attacked on a public train car full of bystanders where only one person truly came to my aid. I myself had just tried to help a young gay male who was being gay bashed right in front of us while no one else said or did anything to stop it. I prevented him from being further harmed only to become the target of hate myself while being taunted for caring about the first victim (“Why do you care? Are you his boyfriend?!“) and being called a “stupid faggot.”

Well, I might be a faggot but I ain’t stupid!

Bloodied up and both physically- and mentally-changed forever, I spent hours in the ER that night before coming forward to publicly speak about what happened to me so that it wouldn’t happen to others … or less so. Or, maybe so others would come forward or not be afraid to seek assistance.

There are many reasons to stand up and be counted. Those are just a few.

And that’s what we do at The OutJustice Foundation. And we need your help

We need it today

I’m releasing a series of posts addressing:

  • my life,
  • bullying,
  • hate crimes,
  • how our legal system runs,
  • our faults as a society,
  • prejudice,
  • discrimination,
  • ignorance,
  • and everything that I went through.

I’m also going to discuss:

  1. the sad state of our criminal legal system,
  2. the acquittal of all three men,
  3. and how this all massively impacted my life.

I’m going to get raw here, folks.

So, please follow the blog and share with your friends, family and colleagues. Tell people on the streets. Share on social media.

Help me get the word out.

I’m doing this for those we assist. I’m not excited about any of it. So, I hope you will help me spread the word about this effort, Donate to The OutJustice Foundation, and get involved in this effort.

It’s very personal and I need your help.

I don’t want to do this for nothing.

Start by donating today to support The OutJustice Foundation’s essential work!

Donate Now to Support The OutJustice Foundation’s Life-Changing Programs!


Your Thoughts?

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