This Thought-Provoking Video Will Make You Rethink Women’s Objectification

Thought Catalog

The other day on Thought Catalog, an article referred to “prostitutes” as “products,” which got me thinking a lot about the ways in which society views sex work (and often women in general) as objects and female sexuality transactional, bought and sold like perfume or a new lipstick. They are often used as props or as window dressing, like the Bond girl or Girl Going Wild who stands around adding little to the scene but her ephemeral beauty and her boobs.

A recent video posted to YouTube helps us to consider the ways in which we passive consume female sexuality — whether that’s in our entertainment or actually buying sex. Sex work can be fully consensual, when sex workers get into the business for the same reasons that anyone else takes a job (see: money), yet it can also be an industry that degrades and enslaves, and we need to…

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