I will not hire gays.


Amerika  Photo credit: ConvenienceStoreGourmet


Thankfully, Rachel Maddow is monitoring the world.


[Tried really hard to get her video to embed. No luck.]



Rachel Maddow and I would make beautiful babies.


Except that I’m gay (I do have references).


Also I, of course, would hire gays. Lesbians included! Trannies, too! Queers generally.


What’s the T?


(Fierce, fierce, fierce)



Rick Perry is an Idiot.


Dude, you are NOT saving Christmas. Perry: You are an idiot preying on the ignorant.


P.S. My farm jacket is so much more authentic than yours and has been on Amerika’s farms.



3 thoughts on “I will not hire gays.

  1. Rick Perry is a total idiot! amazing that I was just thinking that.
    I also think I know which farm jacket you may be talking about… 🙂

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